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Vitrectomy Recovery Products

Care Chairs rents an assortment of Vitrectomy recovery products including the Face-Down Positioning Chair, Face-Down Positioning Mat, and Prism Glasses. These devices will assist you in recovery without strain to your back and neck.

Face-Down Positioning Chair

  • Sit in the face-down position without experiencing back or neck pain
  • Foldable light-weight structure and wheels make transport easy
  • Adjustable torso and seat height to accommodate your body type
  • Washable aluminum frame and upholstery
  • Includes hygienic face cover
  • Includes face-down mirror

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Face-Down Mirror Included
Allows you to see forward while seated in the chair.
Items shown may differ slightly in appearance.

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Face-Down Positioning Mat

  • Allows you to comfortably lie in the face-down position
  • Ergonomic design reduces lower back discomfort
  • Ample breathing space for a comfortable sleep
  • Includes hygienic face cover

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Prism Glasses

  • Allows you to see forward while maintaining face-down position.
  • Head strap for easy adjustability and support
  • Useful for working on the computer, eating meals, or watching television

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Not sure what vitrectomy recovery equipment you need? Please contact us at 416-512-9072 and we will be more than happy to help you choose the right equipment for you!