Care Chairs
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Insurance Coverage

Copy of the Care Chairs pamphlet

If you do not have a copy, please click here to download it as a PDF.

Care Chairs Insurance Letter

Please click here to download it as a PDF. This letter details exactly what our service is and how crucial it is to the surgery's success.

Copy of Your Contract/Invoice

If you are inquiring after the rental has started, it is always beneficial to include your contract or invoice, as it is confirmation that you have already paid. If you are inquiring prior to rental, include a short letter detailing which pieces of equipment you are renting and the duration.

Doctor's Prescription to Remain Face-Down

This will help the insurance company to understand just how critical the face-down position is. If you are unable to get a note from your doctor, please do not worry. Many patients have still received coverage by submitting the first 3 documents.

If you need any additional documentation, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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